03 December 2009

cards and cards and cards and cards from cards on cards

i recently completed a trade with madding at cards on cards. i sent him a box of cardinals, and he returned the favor by sending a great big bunch of dodgers and 1979 topps. yes, he noticed that i had decided to upgrade my 1979 set, and so he sent me 454 of the 726 cards i will need to do so. awesome.

here's rick monday to testify.
if you or someone you know would like to contribute to the 1979 topps upgrade project, here's the want list. thanks in advance!

here are a few of the non-1979 dodgers i received:

2004 mlb showdown fred mcgriff
the crime dog is on the hall of fame ballot for the first time. i wish he could have hit 7 more home runs as a dodger to get to the 500 mark.

1994 topps (gold) dax winsletti wonder how often he is called 'kate'. he pitched in the dodgers' organization for 3 years before going to the cubs in the forgettable trade that brought willie banks to the dodgers. winslett pitched one year at aa, but did not advance beyond that level, unfortunately.

2009 upper deck goodwin champions clayton kershaw
kershaw didn't pitch in aaa either. but for different reasons.

1990 score young superstars chris gwynn
part of the dodgers' 'other brother' collection.

1988 topps uk mini orel hershiseri assume this was an attempt to get the folks across the pond interested in american baseball. so who better to influence the minds of the english than a guy who looks like a librarian.

i also received a couple of checklists. the good kind. like a 1995 donruss brett butler checklist celebrating his 2000th hit

finally, there was this - a 2009 upper deck matt kemp jersey card.very nice.

thanks madding! let's do it again sometime!


SpastikMooss said...

Doesn't Madding rule? And I love how everyone who trades with him does some play on his blog title like that...always hilarious to me hahaha.

As a follow up, if you ever feel like getting rid of the MLB Showdown McGriff, I could use one. Don't know what I have to trade you just yet, so just letting you know haha.

Covered in Wrappers said...

Did you say cards?