07 December 2009

re-revisiting the magnificent 7

in addition to posting a few new want lists, i realized it was time to update the magnificent 7. when last we visited the list of cards, there were some new kids on the block. since then, a few more have been obtained, so it's time for an update. gone from the list are #2 - 2008 topps heritage high numbers #696 mark sweeney, courtesy of a certain night owl, and #3 - 1976 sspc #594 checklist 6 (ralph branca, carl erskine, pee wee reese). some nice oldtimers from a non-descript set, which i realized is actually considered the 1975 sspc set. also eliminated were #5 - 1982 donruss ron cey #6 - 1972 o-pee-chee gil hodges (i pulled the trigger on an ebay auction) and #7a - 1975 topps ken mcmullen thanks captain.

so here's the current list: as always, any help is appreciated!

1 - 2003 upper deck vintage #81 kazuhisa ishii - a short print in this awesome 1965 topps knock-off set.

2 (up from 4) - 1977 topps cloth sticker checklist (national league all-stars, middle card, middle row).

3 (up from 7) - 2004 fleer greats of the game steve garvey/vin scully. i have one in my garvey collection, but would love to try to get a dual ttm thing going.

4 - 1991 fleer ultra eddie murray.

5 - 1980 topps dodgers team card/tom lasorda. ex/mt or better - upgrading my topps dodger collection.

6 - 1981 topps dodgers team card/tom lasorda. ditto.

7 - 1968 topps walter alston. one of two cards i need to finish off my 1968 topps dodger team set.

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Captain Canuck said...

funny story about that '75 McMullen... When you orginally posted about it, I knew I had it, and pulled it out of my binder to send it your way. I sent you a package or two.... time goes on.
Then a long time after, you make another post referencing that '75 McMullen, and that I will be sending it to you. HOLY CRAP! What do you mean I WILL be sending it to you? I did! Didn't I? Crap. I tore the entire room apart for a week. Total shambles. Couldn't find it. Maybe I sent it to Greg? I dunno.
Now I gotta find another one, get it shipped here, and then send it to you.

Yeah, this is my life.