10 December 2009

recent card shop pick ups (and they're not all dodgers)

i don't know how often the 'baseball specials' bin gets updated at the quasi-card shop that is nearest to me, but i stop in maybe once every two or three months just to check. here are some goodies that i picked up for around 30 cents a pop.

2002 topps archives reserve don suttonthis is one shiny sob. works well with the psychedelic tombstone.

1992 kellogg's all stars bill madlocknot sure what was more surprising to me - kellogg's making a bill madlock card in 1992 or kellogg's making a bill madlock as a dodger card. either way, i'm glad they did.

2008 upper deck sp cory wadewere these rookie exclusives short prints or just available in blasters? i think i recall buying a blaster and getting a 5-pack of rookie exclusives. no dodgers though.

2006 bowman chrome brad pennybrad penny is like a bad penny - he keeps popping up everywhere. next season, it will be in saint louis, where he'll be a teammate of this guy's

2008 upper deck o-pee-chee insert albert pujolskinda sorta a ripoff of 1969 topps. the studio shot is a look at things to come with 2009 opc.

finally, the beautiful 1974 topps dave kingman card i've wanted this card for a while after seeing it on a few different blogs. it is the yang to the 1974 topps steve garvey's yin; the hell to garvey's heaven; the mr. glass to garvey's david dunn. you get the idea.

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night owl said...

That Madlock card always confused me. When I sort my cards by year, I'm forever putting it with cards from 1986/87, only to realize it's a card from '92.

I think the SP rookie exclusives were only in blasters. I'm not sure, but I didn't buy a pack of SP last year. I'm ashamed to say I bought a blaster and I have that card.