13 December 2009

a random sampling of what i collect

let's take a sunday stroll through the categorical fields of my collection, shall we?

i collect, first and foremost, steve garvey and dodger cards. like this 1971 dell today's team stamp. ok, so it's not really a card per se, but you get the idea.

i also collect dodger (and other players of interest) autographs, especially through the mail successes. here's a 1973 topps steve garvey with wes parker lurking, which makes it another type of card i enjoy.
i wish wes parker would sign through the mail - it would be nice to get him to sign this one, too.

i also collect post-2000 twins, primarily joe mauer. excuse me, that's mvp joe mauer.

cards featuring dodger stadium are also part of the collection, like this 1993 fleer luis salazar
just another day hanging out at the cage in chavez ravine.

here's a double play turn on augie ojeda's 2002 fleer cardand a classic play at the plate from 1973 topps you can guess from the text that george hendrick (scourge of the stirrup) is safe at home.

finally, there are the final tributes, whether they are announced as such or not.
true, this 1995 upper deck ryne sandberg final tribute is premature as he would return to play for a few more seasons, but you get the idea.

if you or anyone you know has cards that look like the ones above, please take a look at my want lists, and let's trade!

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

Would you need an early 80s Squirt Garvey and an 03 Topps Heritage Mauer Bros card?