08 December 2009

greg gagne through the mail success!

former dodgers shortstop greg gagne is a great through the mail signer. he has returned the cards i have sent to him in about 10 days both times. here's his 1998 upper deck collector's choice cardand his 1997 topps card.gagne was signed by the dodgers prior to the 1996 season to steady the infield, and most importantly, the shortstop position after jose offerman had made over 30 errors in just 115 games in 1995. he spent the 1996 and 1997 seasons with the dodgers before retiring, resulting in more instability at the 6-hole in ensuing years. that's ok, though - gagne served honorably.

here's his 1998 upper deck card, a double play turn with tony gwynn and the jack murphy palm treesand the dynamic duo of 1998 pacificand 1998 score that i showcased a couple of weeks ago.
he was best known for his ten years with the twins, which included two world championships, but gagne also played for the royals as shown on the 1995 topps card he signed (a double play turn, no less!)
thanks greg!

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night owl said...

You really put Gagne to work! Good for him, signing all those.