16 December 2009

hit me ned juan more time

so, our super sub is headed to chitown and all we had to do was pay $10 million. you know, the dodgers would have a lot more money if ned didn't waste so much of it. whether you are a fan of pierre's or not, there's just no way the dodgers can afford to eat so many contracts. at least andruw jones' contract was just a 2-year deal. speaking of mr. jones, i'm a bit surprised ned didn't try to get him back in return for pierre. so now, i am left to wonder how our gm is going to spend the $8 million he is saving. i think garret anderson is still available...

nice work ned, and good luck juan.

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Captain Canuck said...

OMG! If you were subjected to a year of GA in left.... I couldn't stop crying for 6 months... my hair is just starting to grow back.