21 January 2014

the 2013 topps ted lilly rainbow is complete

the 2013 topps ted lilly rainbow is a first for me (i'm still looking for a 2012 topps update adam kennedy printing plate), but only because i don't count the silk version to be part of the rainbow.  i have the other parallels though.  let's recap.

black /62
camoflauge /99
gold /2013
orange /230 (from factory set)
pink /50
silver slate /10
silver slate blue sparkle
target red
toys r us purple
walmart blue
and here are the last two i needed

sapphire /25 (inserted in 2013 topps update)
and a printing plate, in my case cyan
numbered of course to 1/1
i've also made a pretty healthy run at a 2013 topps update nick punto rainbow, but i am not as diligent about that as i was about lilly.  i am a big fan of lilly's card thanks to the nice dodger stadium background.  now that the bullpens are no longer covered in foliage, i can appreciate this card (and all of its variations) even more. 


Captain Canuck said...


I'm getting there for my '13 Adam LaRoche rainbow... one day...

Nick said...

Congrats on finishing the rainbow!

arpsmith said...

Wow, great accomplishment - that is a pretty wide and colorful rainbow. Congrats.

night owl said...

I don't know how people keep track of that stuff. I didn't even know like 3 of those existed.

Daniel Wilson said...

That's awesome! Congrats!