12 January 2014

a lotta piazza

as mentioned in the previous post, i snagged over 100 mike piazza inserts from what was essentially a dime box at the local card show last weekend.  this one might be my favorite.  from 1994 pacific, it's a silver prism circular insert/parallel
there's a regular silver prism version with a different pattern, and there's a gold prism version with a different photo.  see them here.  i like the circles.

1995 donruss long ball leaders
i can't be sure, but it seems as though piazza hit a long home run against mark gardner of the marlins.  subtlety is not donruss's strong suit.  actually, this particular home run was also a grand slam - the first of piazza's career.

1994 leaf limited
not an insert, but still shiny like one.

1994 topps stadium club super teams insert
a nice dodger stadium play at the plate aftermath card.  luis gonzalez looks dazed and confused.

1995 pinnacle zenith all-star salute insert
he looks angry.  pitchers didn't like him when he was angry.  he would hit mash, or smash if i were to continue the hulk reference.

1995 upper deck sp championship series
not an insert, but not the most common of cards either.

1995 sportflix uc3 in motion insert
yes, piazza is in there somewhere

1996 donruss freeze frame insert
too bad it's brian mcrae and not glenallen hill who delivered a big hit on piazza about 20 years ago.  yikes, i'm old.

1996 fleer emotion xl
not an insert, but i am appreciating the framed card all the same.

1996 upper deck retail predictor insert
was piazza a rbi leader of any month in 1996?  i am not sure.  but i also snagged this 1996 upper deck predictor exchange card
so he must have done something right.

1997 fleer ultra fame game insert
and 1997 fleer ultra season crowns insert
the first one is typical ultra, but that second card could pass for a pacific insert.

1997 topps finest
not an insert, but who could tell with finest?

i'll finish up the piazzafest with a couple of pacific dandies.  this is a 1997 pacific prism base card
if you can believe it, and this is a 1998 pacific crown collection gold crown die cut insert
that's a whole lotta piazza.  i noticed that there were a couple of dupes when i was sorting them afterwards, so let me know if anyone is interested (daniel).


MrMopar said...

Amazing haul of nice 90s piazza cards. I'm sure i spent 10X that to get most of those at the time!

night owl said...

I have the circle prism version. I didn't even know there were others. The '90s is a black hole.

Daniel Wilson said...

I'm definitely interested in any Piazza doubles you might have.