04 January 2014

swing and a win

i posted earlier today about a trade that i made with bert at swing and a pop up.  i was also fortunate enough to win a contest that netted me a value box of 2013 topps update from the man.  i chose the walmart version, hoping for some blue-bordered dodger goodness, and i got some.

it's nick punto turning two at dodger stadium
this would be my favorite card from update this year if it weren't for puig's presence in the set.  no puigs in this box, however.

but, there was another blue-bordered double play turn thanks to ryan roberts of the rays
plus a didi gregorious turn
although not of the blue-bordered variety.

now for the inserts.  my 1971 topps mini was troy tulowitzki
and the chasing history insert was miguel cabrera
the emerald parallel was bryce harper
here's the making their mark insert - the cardinals' carlos martinez
and the postseason heroes card was none other than mariano rivera
bonus insert!  a camo parallel of jim henderson of the brewers.

this is the first non-dodger camo parallel i have owned, and the first one i have pulled from a pack.

bert also sent a few dodgers along for the ride, like this 1996 bowman onan masaoka
i believe masaoka was the fourth hawaiian born pitcher to play for the dodgers.  the others were carlos diaz, sid fernandez, and of course charlie hough.  it's too bad he couldn't stick in the majors long enough to establish loogy status.

last but not least, here's a 2007 topps card of jason schmidt celebrating his transformation from hated rival to cheered starter
schmidt won his dodger debut, but the team lost the other 5 games in which he pitched in 2007.  he worked hard to get back to the team, but made only a few more starts in 2009 before hanging 'em up.

bert - thanks again for the contest and the extra cards!

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