15 January 2014

pick your poison

big or little? which do you choose?  if you are the dodgers in 1944, you choose both.  paul and lloyd waner, aka big poison and little poison, were brothers, teammates, hall of famers, and dodgers.  paul was even a dodger double dipper.

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here's a card of big poison in a dodger uniform.  it comes from the 2000 upper deck hitter's club set
this particular card, and others in the set like it, celebrate the 3000 hit milestone.  however, waner's 3000th hit came in between his dodger stints as a boston brave.  waner initially joined the dodgers as a free agent in 1941, following 15 years with the pirates.  i pulled a card of his from 2013 panini cooperstown which uses a photo that may or may not be from his pittsburgh days
did they have flip up shades in 1940 (or before)?

oddly enough, i also pulled a parallel of paul's brother lloyd, also shown as a pirate from a pack of cooperstown cards
the dodgers released paul waner after he hit just .171 in 11 games in 1941.  he went to boston where he played through the 1942 season (and got hit number 3000) and was then released.  the dodgers picked him up once again and he wore dodger blue in 1943 and part of 1944 before they released him for a second time, but not before he got to be teammates with his brother again.

the only other card i have of him (although others exist) as a dodger is the 1990 target dodger card
unfortunately, his brother's card in the set uses a pirate photo.
i suppose that makes sense, since lloyd waner's dodger career lasted all of 15 games in 1944.  many of those games also featured his brother paul, but it doesn't seem that they ever started together in the outfield as dodgers.  after being released by brooklyn, lloyd did some double dipping of his own, too, as he returned to the pirates for a final hurrah.  paul, on the other hand, finished his career with the yankees - the team that had beat the waner brothers and the pirates in the 1927 world series.

the waners are not the only brothers to be dodgers at the same time (ramon and pedro martinez come to mind) but they are the only hall of fame brothers to be dodgers at the same time.  of course, they are also the only brothers enshrined in cooperstown, so that helps.

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