01 January 2014

kemp and kershaw go together like a horse and carriage

happy new year!  i'm not making any resolutions, but i would like to see the dodgers' front office resolve to give clayton kershaw what he wants and sign him to an extension, and also resolve to not trade matt kemp.  i am willing to hitch the team's fortunes to these two guys and see what happens.

with that, let's have a look at a few kershaw and kemp cards that i've been scanning but not posting for a while.  we'll start with a 2011 panini playoff contenders combo card of the two
here's another combo card - these two are like peas and carrots - this one is from 2013 topps heritage
now for some shiny solo stuff - 2013 topps finest kershaw
and kemp
and a kemp refractor
2013 topps tribute kershaw
and kemp
here's a 2011 bowman international parallel, reminding us that kershaw is from texas.
kemp's home state of oklahoma also makes an appearance on that card.  see?  they're even neighbors!

here's a matt kemp 2012 topps mini card that was handed out at the national convention
now for a 2010 upper deck biography kershaw
and a 2011 topps marquee kemp - the blue parallel version
here's a 2010 bowman chrome kershaw
and a 2010 bowman platinum kemp
obviously, most of kemp's cards show him with a bat, but he does have a few that show him fielding or on the bases.  pretty much all of kershaw's cards show him pitching.  i'm hoping that 2014 opening day at least shows him at the plate delivering his 2013 opening day home run against the giants.  but if the rest of his cards show him pitching in dodger stadium like this 2011 bowman finest futures card, i won't complain.
here's a black bordered 2008 topps allen & ginter kemp mini that i picked up on sportlots for 18 cents a couple months ago.
and here's a 2009 upper deck goodwin champions kershaw that i've had scanned for a while
just a few more - 2013 bowman platinum kemp
and 2009 upper deck signature stars kershaw
and last but not least - some 2013 topps stickers of kemp
and kershaw
man, do i hope these two stick together with the dodgers.  in 2014 and beyond.

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