10 January 2014

whoopsie dempseys

i really like rick dempsey's 1991 score card
the black borders with the gray uniform and the blue chest protector and the little bit of red jersey number poking through make for a visually appealing card, even if the photo is kind of odd.  there are bodiless feet and part of dempsey's face is obscured.  still, i appreciate him rocking the jerry grote look with his cap instead of a helmet.

i like the card so much, i sent a copy of it (along with a 1978 topps card) to dempsey about 3 years ago through the mail hoping that he would sign it.  he had signed a couple of cards for me with a quick 10-day turnaround in 2009, and i was hoping for another success.  a year or so later, i sent another couple of cards - another '78 and a 1989 topps card.

well, two weeks ago, i got a return from the former dodger catcher and 1983 world series mvp, except it was a 1986 topps
and not the '78 or '89 or '91 card i had sent.  i'm thankful for the return though i am curious how this happens.  does he have a card desk where cards pile up and get knocked over and mixed up like so many of us do? or does he have a stack of pre-signed cards ready to go?  i'd like to think it was the former.

thanks for sending me a card rick - i am always appreciative of players taking some time to respond to mail.

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