11 January 2014

card show dime box dodger haul

at the card show last weekend, i picked up a couple of nice vintage dodgers from the bargain bin (plus a couple of 1973 topps cards for nick), but most of my time was spent looking through a couple of random dime boxes.  i wound up with some stuff for other bloggers, too, but these are some of the dodgers that i found for me.

1992 score eric karros
i can't believe that i need any 1992 score, but this card didn't look familiar to me.  even though i haven't looked at my 1992 score dodgers for years, i threw a dime down for karros.  this card reminds me of his rookie year when he did some commercials for your friendly southern california nissan dealers.  he feigned trouble fielding a ball in the showroom and tommy lasorda walked by shaking his head.  i did not buy a nissan.

1993 fleer ultra pedro martinez
hall of fame class of 2015?  i think so.

1995 best paul konerko
in 1995, the dodger affiliate in san berdoo was the spirit.  by 1997, it was the stampede

1997 best adrian beltre

1999 fleer metal universe adrian beltre neophytes
i am getting very sleepy looking at this card.

2005 fleer adrian beltre league leader
i am thankful for fleer going three-deep on the leader cards so that beltre gets an appearance.  however, beltre was actually fourth in the league in batting average in 2004. helton was second and loretta was third behind barry bonds who didn't bother to license himself with the card companies.  

2010 topps duke snider/andre ethier legendary lineage
i have about 37 of the matt kemp/jerry sands ll card, but this one didn't look familiar to me.

2013 bowman paco rodriguez international/state parallel
paco hails from florida.

2013 topps aj ellis emerald parallel
i can't wait to see who else is on ellis's card in 2014.

i've got more of my card show haul coming up this weekend, including some double plays and a whole mess of mike piazza inserts.  stay tuned.

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Nick said...

I think I found my copy of that '93 Ultra Pedro in a dime box as well. Nice pickups!

And thanks again for finding the '73 Pepitone and Howard for me.