03 January 2014

hey! i'm going to a card show tomorrow. need anything?

let's see who's up late tonight…

i haven't been to a show in quite a while.  i'm not sure what i will find, but i'll probably spend a fair amount of time with the vintage bargain bins - primarily the 1950's.  i hope the off condition vintage guy is there, but i doubt he would come back from his new home in the south for this ridiculously cold weather.  still, i'll be looking for bargains.

i've been known to pick up a thing or two upon request, so let me know what you might be looking for in the comments.  i'm sure we can work out a trade.  in the meantime, here are some 1960 topps dodgers for your viewing pleasure.  these four helped finish off my team set sometime early last year.

welcome to the blog, johnny klippstein.
i haven't featured klippstein before, which is too bad because it is fun to say klippstein as i type it.  klippstein.  johnny was one of the guys that the dodgers got from the reds in the don newcombe trade.  he pitched for them in the 1959 world series, allowing 1 hit and no runs in two innings of mop up work in the game 1 disaster.  a few years later, he pitched against the dodgers in the 1965 world series as a member of the twins.

here's another newbie to the blog, rip repulski.
rip's real name was eldon.  he hailed from sauk rapids, mn (which is not to be confused with sauk centre, mn - that's sinclair lewis territory) just outside saint cloud.  i drove through there last week, as a matter of fact.  anyway, repulski came to the dodgers from the phillies as part of the return for george 'sparky' anderson.  like klippstein, repulski is fun to say and type.  and, like klippstein, he made a singular appearance in the 1959 world series.  he was intentionally walked in the 8th inning of game 5 to load the bases.  the strategy worked, as the white sox got out of the inning and beat the dodgers and sandy koufax 1-0.  the dodgers wound up trading repulski early in the 1960 season to the red sox who were going to be in need of a left fielder in 1961.  once yaz established himself, however, repulski was released.

now here are ed roebuck
(i sure hope his nickname was 'sears') and norm sherry
those two cards are high numbers - up in the 500's.  i've featured both these guys on the blog before, so i won't say much more than that.  i don't know if i've said anything substantial about them, but it's late and i plan to hit the show early.  so, whaddayawant? leave it in the comments and maybe i'll take a look in the morning.


Nick said...

If you happen to find '73 Topps singles of Frank Howard (#560) or Joe Pepitone (#580), I can make it worth your while.

Condition doesn't matter. I need both for my own "final tribute" collection. Thanks!

gcrl said...

Got em both

Play at the Plate said...

A thing or two? You once picked up $20 worth of Senators for me which was one of the nicest things ever! Good going Jim!