19 January 2014

when in doubt, turn two

i didn't have anything in the hopper for today's post(s), so why not show some new-to-the-blog double play cards?  

2004 upper deck bo hart
the best part of hart's card may not be the turn or the st louis skyline, but rather the fact that jim edmonds (i think that's edmonds) is assuming that the double play will be completed at first.

2004 upper deck alex rodriguez

2004 upper deck ray durham
that's a nice card.

2003 bowman draft prospects jose reyes
which means there is also a 2003 bowman chrome draft prospects jose reyes card
2003 topps bazooka wilson betemit
2002 upper deck victory update brandon phillips
that card features a photo we have seen before

2002 upper deck ballpark idols omar vizquel
2002 leaf alex rodriguez
no throwbacks

2002 fleer ultra ricky gutierrez gold medallion edition
2002 fleer triple crown cristian guzman
and 2001 fleer ultra carlos febles
someday i will run out of double play cards to show.  until then, they do a nice job of filling in between more thoughtful posts.


Wilson said...

At first I wanted to comment that that looked more like Ray Lankford, and be on my way, but then I couldn't resist doing the research.

Assuming that's Timo Perez, #6 for the Mets, that game was August 1, 2, or 3, 2003.

August 1: Timo didn't reach base in 2 ABs.

August 2: Timo didn't reach base in 5 ABs. Rough series for him.

August 3: Timo singles in a run in the bottom of the first, and Ty Wigginton hits into a 6-4-3 DP. Timo's other hit and walk don't appear to have led to any play such as the one pictured. His single was followed by a 5-3 groundout, and his walk was followed by a sac fly on which he stayed on first, and a double on which he scored.

So, who was in the OF?
J.D. Drew in CF, Albert Pujols in LF.

It's hard to tell the angle exactly, but my guess is that's the LF, and you've got yourself a Pujols cameo card.

Nick said...

I never thought I'd say this...but I want those A-Rod cards. Especially the one with the throwbacks.

I'm liking the Randal Simon cameo on the Guzman DP as well.

View From the Skybox said...

That Febles card is perfection.