11 January 2014

dime box card show haul

i didn't only buy dodgers at the card show last weekend.  there were lots of nice cards to be had in the few dime boxes (and one 5 for $1 box) that i looked through a week ago.  here are some of them.

1996 upper deck ken griffey jr vj lovero showcase insert
this card fits in my collection a couple of ways.  even though i have discontinued almost all of my player collections (including griffey), this card shows him taking a hack on tatooine.  it also fits into my heretofore unmentioned 'number on back' collection, which isn't really a thing.  yet.

double plays abound in the dime box.  here's a 1996 pinnacle summit alex rodriguez card
arod's 1997 upper deck rock solid foundation insert may or may not show a dp turn on the front
but it does on the back
how about a lurker or two?
that's gil hodges and jerry grote on this 1992 donruss coca-cola nolan ryan card.  i'll guess that the other guy is bud harrelson.

we weren't done with double plays, though.  here's a 1992 leaf cal ripken black gold parallel
and a 1993 upper deck sp ripken
and a 1994 upper deck ripken electric diamond parallel
and a 1995 score ripken hall of gold insert
plus a 1997 pacific prism ripken gem of the diamond card
just for fun, i picked out this 1997 fleer sports illustrated ripken card as well
not too many double play turns as a third baseman, unfortunately.

now, i am not a pete rose apologist, but i am a fan of the player.  i have a hard time resisting his cards, especially in dime boxes.  this is a box card from 1986.
it's not from a topps box (those were in the style of the 1986 set, but with red tops instead of black).  instead, this one comes from the 1986 topps stickers box.  it's too bad that someone went back and figured out that ty cobb only had 4189 hits, and not 4191, meaning that rose actually broke the record a few days earlier at wrigley field.

here's a final dime box card - one that also fits into a as of yet unannounced mini collection - it's a 1996 upper deck cal ripken card
maybe someday i'll fully commit to my 'tip of the cap' collection.

tomorrow, i'll show off a few of the 110 mike piazza cards that i rescued from the dime box.  stay tuned.


Daniel Wilson said...

That Griffey card was in a dime box! Dang. I'm a huge Piazza fan so I'm looking forward to your next post!

Nick said...

That Rose is pretty cool. I've often thought about starting a "tip of the cap" mini-collection, as there's a ton of cool cards that fit into the theme.