16 January 2014

ryne sandberg through the mail success!

i sent this card, along with $5, to ryne sandberg this past spring.  the other day it showed up in my mailbox.
that is pretty nice.  i caught cubs fever in 1984 and became a sandberg fan.  in the end, was happy that steve garvey led his team to the world series that year, but i remained a fan of ryno.  he earned an honorable mention as one of my favorite non-dodgers over the course of his career, and the double play turn makes this ttm success even sweeter.

thanks for signing my card ryno!


The Lost Collector said...

Nice success!

P-town Tom said...

Well done. I tip my cap to you, good sir.

Jason T. Carter said...

Very nice! I was a big Cubs fan in the late 80s/early 90s, got hooked in '89 after my dad took my to Wrigley and we sat in the bleachers. A completely different experience than a Reds game at Riverfront!

Mark Hoyle said...

Sandberg was always a favorite