19 January 2014

when in extreme doubt, turn two again

sometime last year, i got in the habit of scheduling two (or more) posts a day on weekends.  not every weekend, but most of them, plus on a weekday here and there.  i feel like i have a lot of cards i want to show and/or write about, so i plan to maintain a greater that a post a day pace this year.  i didn't have much to say for the first post that ran today, so instead showed some heretofore unseen on this blog double play cards.  why not show some more for the second post of the day.

2000 topps stadium club derek jeter
and 2000 topps stadium club chrome derek jeter
and 2000 topps stadium club chrome jose vidro
2000 fleer ultra miguel tejada
and 2000 fleer ultra todd walker
2000 pacific alex rodriguez
2001 pacific damion easley
2002 fleer royce clayton
2005 fleer ultra alfonso soriano
2008 topps stadium club gregorio petit (1st day)
and 2010 bowman kaz matsui gold parallel
two posts again tomorrow, except they will be memorial patch related, not double plays.  stay tuned...

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