12 January 2014

card show piazzapalooza

the 1990's were heady days for card collectors.  there were new manufacturers, legion sets, innumerable inserts and parallels.  i stayed pretty close to the topps flagship and traded sets throughout the decade, with a fair amount of upper deck in 1992-95 and again in 1998-99.  other than that, i kind of stayed out of the loop.

that means that i missed out on a ridiculous amount of mike piazza inserts.  a dime box at the card show last week made up for a lot of that.  first, i should clarify.  the box of cards i looked through wasn't necessarily a dime box.  i asked the dealer before looking through the cards what the deal was. he said that the price varied.  after i had found about 100 piazza inserts, he said 10 bucks.  i wound up with about 160 cards (about 120 of piazza), and he charged me 15 bucks.  so, just about a dime box.

on to the piazzapalooza! 

1993 fleer ultra all rookie insert
the colors pop on the black background. 

1993 fleer major league prospects insert
piazza wearing number 60.  the same number he wore at some point in the minors, as evidenced by these 1992 classic best blue bonus
and red bonus parallels
note the carl sawatski memorial patch, too.

here are a couple of inserts from 1994 fleer ultra - homerun king
and rbi king
there's the number 31 that we know.  i think piazza also wore 25 at some point, but 31 is the number he wore for the majority of his career.

1995 fleer update soaring star insert
those rods of green kryptonite are actually bats.  i didn't realize this until i looked at the back of the card just a few minutes ago.

1995 score hall of gold
hall of fame class of 2015? i hope so.

1995 upper deck sp silver parallel
i liked the gray gear that piazza wore.  i also liked the way he flipped his helmet after every game on his way out to the mound.

1994 king-b disc
seventh annual?  where are the previous 6 years of discs?

1997 bowman chrome international parallel
as jimmy kimmel used to say, that's 'italian-american superstar slugger mike piazza'.

1998 upper deck 10th anniversary preview insert
i have a few of these preview cards, but i don't think i have any of the actual 1999 10th anniversary team cards.  no dodgers in that insert set, i don't think, so maybe that's why.

piazza appeared on his share of combo inserts.  two of the most common players he was paired with were tim salmon (the al roy in 1993) and ivan rodriguez.  this is a 1996 upper deck sp marquee matchups insert 
where salmon got the 'marquee' part.

this is a 1996 topps stadium club midsummer matchup insert
which features rodriguez on the other side

rodriguez gets some time on the same side as piazza (and darren daulton) on this 1996 donruss dominators insert
so far, i have resisted the directive to remove protective film.

last card of this post, a 1998 fleer sports illustrated cover card featuring ken griffey jr
so good, so young, and so many inserts.  i'll show some more later today.  stay tuned...


Daniel Wilson said...

Great pick-ups! I can't believe those were all dime cards. Back in 1999/2000, I was picking these types of Piazza cards out of dollar boxes.

(...Joe) said...

All you'll be doing by removing the film is uncovering a Phillie. Best you leave it on.

Nice finds!

gcrl said...

Funny. I would feel the same if it were a giant catcher.