18 January 2014

i did not expect old foul cardboard

nor did i expect the spanish inquisition, but then again, who does?  a while back, i sent a pwe with a couple of yankee cards for kyle, whose dad chris runs old foul cardboard - no big deal.  i certainly didn't expect a return package.

that means i was more than pleasantly surprised last week.  i received some good stuff, like this 1975 topps walter alston/dodger team card with dodger stadium in the background
the orange and brown color combo isn't the best, but…

here's a 2008 upper deck clayton kershaw 20th anniversary card
kershaw made his debut in 2008.  less than 6 years later, he's the highest paid pitcher in big league history. well deserved, i might add.

2012 bowman platinum andre ethier
i like the way that card scans.

2012 topps chrome matt kemp
i wish that card scanned better.

2013 topps update jp howell
i still have quite a few dodger update cards that i should showcase before 2014 flagship hits the shelves later this month.  stay tuned for some puig and ryu sp craziness.

here are a couple of double play turns from update that were also in the package - matt carpenter
and didi gregorius - emerald style!
thanks chris!  i'll get another pwe or two out - no need to send anything in return - although i will probably wait until i have some 2014's to send.


Anonymous said...

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

...I don't really have anything to add, it just seemed like someone should acknowledge the reference.

gcrl said...

Thanks! I was hoping someone would! At least a comfy chair comment...