08 January 2014

guess what's back?

today marks the long postponed return of the timeless teams blog.  i am embarrassed that i am two years into the thing and i still haven't finished posting the base set.

here are some non-base cards from my collection to mark the occasion.

this is a gold parallel of steve yeager
gold parallels, as you might recall, are numbered to 5 copies
now here's a dual autograph of steve garvey and davey lopes
this one is numbered to 150
the rest of the autos (except for the 1/1's) are unnumbered and have different print runs.

here's al downing's card
the certified autos have the certification statement on the back in place of the stats and text that appears on the unsigned versions
here's pedro guerrero
and mickey hatcher, too.
also certified
and we're back to steve yeager, basking in the glow of his co-mvp status in the 1981 world series
all the dodger cards have the same dodger stadium scene on the back
same goes for other teams - the stadium scene for each individual franchise doesn't change.  i believe these same images were used in the 2004 upper deck flagship set.

i haven't yet got to the 1988 dodger team on the blog, so we haven't seen the base version of this john shelby card yet
how many sets have certified john shelby autos in them anyway?
the post that re-kicks things off in a few hours focuses on the 1986 california angels.  this former dodger is featured
he pitched in the big a (seen below) during the 1986 season,
but could have (should have!) been featured in the set with the 1980 or 1981 dodgers, too.  be sure to stop by later today.  there are still a handful of teams that i need to post, but i hope to be done with them by opening day.

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