16 January 2014

flush with dodgers

are jokers wild? if so, then tom from the angels, in order sent me a flush.  there's eric karros from the 1992 bicycle rookies playing card set
not sure if he's a smoker or a midnight toker, but he is a joker.  then there's eddie murray from the 1991 international playing card company all-stars set
pedro astacio from the 1992 rookies set
brett butler from the all-stars set
and another karros card from the rookies set
cue motorhead…i'll wait.

there were a couple other playing cards in the package - memorial types - that i will show in future posts.  there were also cards from another sort of game - 1991 classic.  here's a darryl strawberry card from the first series (i think) that features him with former teammate dwight gooden
if you want to see more of doc and darryl, check out the timeless teams post from yesterday.  if you want to trade with tom, check out the angels, in order.

thanks for the trade tom!

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