17 November 2011

mike devereaux, double dippereaux

before, and after, mike devereaux was the mvp of the 1995 nlcs for the braves, he was a dodger.
in 1987 and 1988, devereaux managed to get 103 plate appearances in 49 games with the dodgers.  he hit .175 with 17 hits, 5 walks and 20 strikeouts.  not good enough to get a ticket on the 1988 postseason roster, or to stick around for the 1989 season, either as it turned out.  in march of 1989, the dodgers traded devereaux to the orioles for mike morgan.

devereaux went head over heels for the o's during his initial stay there (yes, he was an oriole double dipper, too.)
he was their regular center fielder from 1989 through 1994, and finished 7th in the al mvp balloting after a strong 1992 season.  still, he hadn't appeared in the postseason and signed as a free agent with the white sox after the strike ended and the 1995 season got underway.  lucky for mike, the white sox dealt him to the braves in august of that season.  the first place braves, that is.  devereaux made the most of his opportunity and wound up as the mvp of the nlcs with a .308 average and .973 ops in the series against the reds.

he returned to baltimore in 1996 and again made it to the league championship series, but was just 0 for 2 in a limited role.  after a spending 1997 in texas, he finally made it back to la for the 1998 season.
big thanks to pacific for noticing, too.  i'm not sure many people did as devereaux only appeared in 9 games his second time around.  he was hitting .308 with an ops of .822 when the dodgers released him in may.  that decent finish to his career knocked his average as a dodger up to .191.  clearly, the dodgers lost out on the best that devereaux had to offer.

here's to you, mike devereaux - dodger double dipper.

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