31 May 2013

do you sutton?

it's friday and that's a good thing.  meanwhile, don sutton assumes the position.  his position.  suttoning, i call it.

here's his 1983 brewers police issue
left knee down, right knee up, arms crossed over right knee with glove or ball or glove and ball, as the case may be.  let's see who else (other than terry adams) suttoned.

randy jones, 1981 fleer
cy youngs: randy jones 1, don sutton 0

and bill travers, also 1981 fleer
travers, unfortunately, would not get the pleasure of being sutton's teammate in milwaukee as he went to the angels after the 1980 season.  still, he honors sutton the best way he knows how.

here's von hayes on his 1982 topps traded card
hayes was 3 for 10 with a homer and a strikeout lifetime against sutton.

1984 fleer jim acker
and salome barojas
barojas is a little too upright - he needs to work on his casual lean.

wally joyner has it right on his 1986 fleer update card, with a bat as an accessory
joyner and sutton were teammates in cali for a couple of seasons, including that heartbreaking 1986 campaign.

neal heaton suttons on his 1987 fleer card
trevor wilson gets it done on his 1989 topps card
and robbie alomar adds a pensive twist to the pose on the back of his 1995 upper deck card
kenny lofton gives it a try on his 1992 topps traded card, but like barojas above, doesn't quite have the lean part mastered.
i'll have to see if in the following 16 years lofton was able to master the pose.

if you think of it today, maybe you'll have a chance to sutton!

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petethan said...

Except that, thanks to Fleer, that's actually Jerry Augustine, not Bill Travers suttoning...