01 June 2013

third time's a hill-egas

for the second time in recent weeks, the third ttm try turned out to be the lone success.  first, will 'the thrill' clark returned the third 1987 topps card i had sent to him over the last 4 years.  then, just the other day, shawn hillegas signed and returned a card after i made three attempts for his autograph during the same time span.

truth be told, this 1988 topps card
was included in each of the three requests i sent, so it could be from any of them.  this last time, however, it was the only card i sent - unencumbered by a 1988 donruss card.  let's face it, who wants to get a 1988 donruss card in the mail.  and, in the interest of further disclosures, the first time i sent cards to the former dodger pitcher, they were marked rts as i must have had an old address.

hillegas was traded to the white sox during the 1988 season for ricky horton, and is probably best known in card collecting circles for having his photo on a brian holton card in the 1989 upper deck set.

thanks for signing my card shawn!


MrMopar said...

He came through my line years ago when I was working at Home Base in Silverdale, WA. That was a competitor to Home Depot and Eagle Hardware in WA (which became or was bought by Lowe's i believe) back in the day, before they went bankrupt. I didn't recognize him, but he wrote a check and i recognized the name. I struck up a conversation and he said he would sing some cards for me the next time he was in. I stashed away a small stack in my apron and sure enough, next time he came in the store, he found me and signed the cards. He was living in Port Orchard I believe, at the time. Where did you send to him these days?

gcrl said...

Somewhere in PA if I recall correctly.