23 May 2013

a triple play of trades

today's quick post features cards i received from three sources, two of which have to do with triple plays.  make sense?  the first couple of items come from topher at crackin' wax.  i looked on with envy as he pulled matt kemp tattoos (not the grandparent kind)
and clayton kershaw eye blacks
in a recent 2013 panini triple play break.  he was kind enough to send them my way!

mr. haverkamp, a very nice giants fan by the way, sent me another kind of triple play - a 1977-79 sportscaster triple play to be precise.  i have a copy already, but it is still pretty cool to get one of those cards in the mail.  he also sent a couple of cards to help with my 1974 topps set pursuit, hall of famers even.  here's fergie jenkins
and jim palmer
jenkins must have known something was up when the photographer asked him to remove his cap.  sure enough, 1973 was his last year with the cubs.  that's ok - he won a career high 25 games for the rangers in 1974

finally, the third leg in this trade stool, jon from community gum sent some cards that i need for the 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee set
i'm getting close...mike pelfrey where are you?

thanks to all three of these nice guys for sending me cards!

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Crackin Wax said...

So? Did you wear them? :D