12 May 2013

double play cards above and beyond

here are the rest of the double play cards that i received from bo of baseball cards come to life a while back.  it is worth noting that bo contacted me and said that he had a bunch of dp cards that would be new to my collection.  at that time, i did not have my list of owned double play cards posted.  that meant that bo went through all my double play posts from the past (almost) 5 years, and figured out what i had and didn't have.  that is dedication to our hobby and to the trade.  i appreciate it very much.

here we go.  

1992 donruss triple play pat kelly (and ron tingley) awesome action!
even donnie baseball gets a mention.  i noted in the post earlier today that pat kelly must have a high ratio of double play cards.  this is further proof.

from the same set, here's cal ripken
standing over kevin maas (i think), who was apparently able to break up the double play since cal jr is left holding the ball.

here's an odd one - a 1988 topps big cory snyder
better remembered as an outfielder, the corndog did play some shortstop during his first few years in cleveland.  he turned 20 dp's as a rookie there in 1986, but this is more likely one of the 6 he turned in 1987.

here's a 1992 topps stadium club shawon dunston
landscape double play turns are nice.

here are a couple of turns from 1993 fleer ultra - freddie benavides
and luis rivera
plus a craig biggio turn from 1993 topps stadium club
1994 fleer jeff kent
and two each from 1995 donruss - gary disarcina
and jeff reboulet -
and 1995 leaf - craig biggio
and jose vizcaino
thanks bo!


Nick said...

That Dunston is sweet!

Bo said...

Glad you enjoy them! Now that your list is up, I'll look to see if I have any more.

--David said...

Man, those are some cool action shots!