04 May 2013

not seeing red

i participated in a 4 box break of 2012 panini prizm last week.  i got the dodgers (and was also promised a buster posey card for some reason).  for my troubles, i picked up two complete dodger team sets (with many more doubles), but no posey or parallels.  and just one insert, as we'll see.

let's take a look at the dodgers in the base set.  

carl crawford
not sure if that's a rays uni or red sox duds that are converted to a non-descript outfit for cc.

similarly, i don't know if this is a royals, brewers, or angels uniform that has been dodger blue-ified on zack greinke
my first guess would be royals since their hat and numbers are blue and are assumedly unchanged.  in fact, when i first saw this card, i thought to myself that panini could have at least made the number on the front of greinke's jersey red.  i mean, put a little bit of effort into it.  but then i started noticing the other dodger cards - andre ethier
adrian gonzalez
elian herrera
clayton kershaw
and hanley ramirez
all have had their front numbers changed from red to blue.  the red number is one of my favorite things about the dodger uniform, so this is not good.  i am not sure why panini went and took the extra and completely unnecessary step to change the color of those numbers.

matt kemp was able to avoid the issue, as he
got the more traditional unlicensed photo treatment on his card

and fernando's photo also fully obscures the front of his jersey
having fernando valenzuela in a set is just fantastic.  i was happy to see don sutton in gypsy queen, and now here's el toro.

the only dodger red that i found in my lot was provided by the lone insert i received - a clayton kershaw usa baseball insert
wearing red, white, and blue.  just like the dodgers.  except in panini releases, i guess.

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Roy-Z said...

I want to like Panini, but every player seems to be wearing drab gray away unis. And I just cannot get on board with that. But the USA cards are quite excellent.