11 May 2013

foul bunt goes out of bounds, but is more than fair

here are some very nice dodger cards that i received from william of foul bunt a while back in trade.  first up is the 2013 topps matt kemp 'out of bounds' short print.
i am happy to have this card, even though i was underwhelmed by these short prints if for no other reason that some regular base cards had similar photos.  i wonder what sort of sp's topps will have in series 2.  

also in the package was this low-numbered 2013 topps black parallel andre ethier card
it's pretty sharp, as is this clayton kershaw gold parallel
new to me is this 2010 topps pro debut dee gordon card
in fact, i had not seen any cards from this set before.  not sure why the team in chattanooga is the lookouts instead of the choo-choos.

here's a 1993 topps pedro martinez card
it is a card that deserves to be shown on the blog, and i have been remiss in scanning early-to-mid '90s cards.

so, here is a 1992 topps eric karros card that william also sent
and here is the back - scanned and shown for two reasons
first - there's dodger stadium!  second - look at what a rude awakening fabio had when he was first called up.  the pcl was not always a reasonable way to evaluate big league talent.  luckily for karros, he was able to mash a bit in the big leagues.

here's a 1992 donruss juan samuel card
on which former dodger sid bream seems to have broken up a double play.

william was also kind enough to include non-dodger cards of players from the team of my youth.  here are charlie hough's 1991 donruss
and 1988 score cards
i wonder if anyone ever called hough 'the chuckler'.

thanks for the trade william! sorry it took so long for me to post my end.


Nick said...

That '88 Score Hough is terrific, I'll have to track that one down sometime.

gcrl said...

Yes it is a nice one. I got the cards you sent, Nick. Thanks as always and keep an eye on your mailbox.

Michael Chase said...

Nice gold Kershaw! I also like the black Eithier parallel as I haven't seen one in person for myself yet.