21 May 2013

50 years later - the 1963 fleer team set completed!

four of the 67 cards in the 1963 fleer set feature dodger players.  i wish there were more.  i've shown two of the four cards before, so i'll start with the other two - the most recent acquisitions.  to be honest, i completed the dodger team set sometime last year, but the year of the 50th anniversary of the team that swept the yankees in the world series seems to be a better time to post about the cards, wouldn't you agree?

as the story goes, maury wills was ticked at topps for their lack of interest in him for their sets, so he signed with fleer instead.  he then convinced sandy koufax
and don drysdale
to do the same, although both of them were still dealing with topps.

tommy davis
had just hit .346 with 153 rbi, so he could do whatever the heck he liked.

and as for wills,
he was the reigning nl mvp and understandably all smiles.

notice how the player sketch in the yellow diamond is simply reversed from the koufax card for drysdale.  the lefty batter sketch (shown for some reason on roberto clemente's card) is not, however, the reverse of the righty batter shown on davis's card.  i am guessing that for maury's card, they would have gone with the fielder sketch had he not won the mvp, as he was a switch hitter.

i find it somewhat amusing that i am able to complete a team set like this, but am having a hard time finishing off a set like 2006 heritage.

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Nick said...

Very cool! That Koufax is sweet.