25 May 2013

making the news

the dodgers announced on facebook yesterday the participants of the revived oldtimer's game in a very cool way.  they used baseball cards
i am guessing that some of these guys will just be observers, and it appears that rickey will be wearing pinstripes (or yankee grays) along with graig nettles, bob watson, and some other former bronx bombers.  and, if i recall correctly, sandy koufax indicated during spring training that the oldtimer's game on june 8 was one of the functions which the dodgers wanted him to participate in when he returned to the fold.

i went to an oldtimer day back in the late 1970's.  it was pretty cool.  hank aaron played for the non-dodger oldtimers and we were sitting in right so we had a good view of the hammer.  i recall jim campanis, only a few seasons removed from the majors as the offensive star of the game for the dodgers.

anyway, there was something familiar but odd about the photo - the 1972 topps dave lopes card.  that's a card that doesn't really exist except as a card that should have been.  i'm guessing that whomever compiled this image did a google search for images and my lopes creation popped up.  that's cool - i like the way it turned out
oldtimer games are fun, and i wish i could be there to see the infield take their positions one more time.

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night owl said...

When I looked at the first picture, that Lopes card stood right out as a card I didn't recognize.