20 May 2013

a do it yourself repack

i was at target a couple of weeks ago and was distracted by something shiny while i was doing the self checkout thing.  it was this 1999 pacific prism vladimir guerrero card conspicuously placed on the front of a repack.
of course i bit and brought the repack home with me.  i also grabbed a few loose packs from the marked down bin, plus a couple of 2013 topps opening day packs.  good thing i did, too, because that vladdy was the only card in the repack that is worth showing.

one of the marked down packs that i bought was 2012 topps heritage.  there were a couple of cards worth writing about in there, starting with this 2011 nl batting leaders
no need to go into hysterics about the large trademark symbol or the fact that matt kemp does not belong in the diamond.  it's been done.

the other card to show off (not really) is this jason bay sp
i bet bay wishes he could go back to the way things were in beantown.

next up was a pack of 2010 topps update which yielded this regular topps card
stephen strasburg card 661.

i also netted an expired million card giveaway card featuring a 1974 topps mike schmidt
and a card of the out of place garret anderson
who was no longer with the dodgers when the card was released.

moving on, 2011 topps chrome had only four cards per pack.  one of them was a josh hamilton card
the last marked down pack i bought was 2012 topps gypsy queen.  this cal ripken jr insert fell out of the pack
literally, as the dinged upper right corner will attest.

and then, my two packs of 2013 topps opening day had a cole hamels od stars insert
and a pablo sandoval blue sparkly parallel
story of my year - i am pulling giants like nobody's business.

not a bad repack - the do it yourself version trumped the factory repack hands down.  i might have to do it again and live blog the duel.

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