03 May 2013

third time's a thrill

i was beginning to think that maybe will clark didn't sign copies of his 1987 topps rookie card.  i had sent him copies on three different occasions - the latest being about a month ago.  today i found this in my mailbox.
yes, i know - he's a giant.  but i was able to respect the talent enough to appreciate clark and his nice lefty swing.  plus, i had a bunch of his '87 rookie cards.

when i started doing ttm, i noticed that he was a streaky signer.  the first two times - 2010 and 2011 - he didn't sign for me.  i guess i finally caught him at the right time.  thanks will!

there was a larger envelope in the mailbox, too.  it was from 1 twins way in good ol' mpls.  i had requested a fan pack before the season started, and today my goodies arrived.
in addition to a couple of those stickers, there were a couple of pocket schedules (doesn't someone collect ryan doumit?), a color team photo (on what looked to be regular office paper), and four team issue oversized cards.

first up is the lovable mascot, tc.
tc can mash.  he used to destroy all comers in a home run contest at the metrodome.

here's a couple of team issue cards from this year (i assume).  it's chris parmelee
and cole devries
apparently devries is not on the twitter.

the jewel of the pack, for me anyway, was this 2012 (again, i assume) twins team issue card of trevor plouffe
turning two!  that is very nice.

i don't know if all teams put together fan packs, but this year i figured i would give it a shot with the twinkies and the dodgers.  still waiting on la...

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Crackin Wax said...

Now send everything you got from the Twins back to get TTM'd!