04 May 2013

whatever will i use to protect my furniture from the condensation on my cold beverage?

in one of the more odd items i have received in a trade package, tom from waiting til next year sent me this coaster last week
as far as i can tell, that's a 2012 topps mini matt kemp card in there.  strange, but useful.

there were a few cards in the package, too, such as this 2012 panini triple play james loney
and this 2013 panini triple play andre ethier
the trade was borne out of the 2013 panini triple play post (tom wanted the starlin castro card) and the ethier was the only one i was expecting in return.  it was a nice surprise to find other cards and the coaster. thanks tom - i'll get starlin (and a few friends) in the mail on monday.

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P-town Tom said...

I hope you can make good use out of the coaster. Thanks for the trade!