09 May 2013

i went and got you stickas! - the 1983 fleer stickers gcrl group break wrap up

thanks again to all who participated in the first gcrl group break.  1983 fleer stickers for everyone!  i am just about done separating the stickers from the 2-in-1 panels (here's a freed steve garvey sticker)
and i have received almost all of my sportlots order (still waiting on tom brookens).  here are some of the stickers that we did not see in the group break but will be heading out to the folks who claimed their teams.

the jewel of the set, cal ripken jr plus a posing pete rose, dickie thon and willie mcgee rookie.
brian downing
former dodger geoff zahn and dodger killer (and one-time hitting coach - wtf?) jack clark
george hendrick
bob horner, gene garber
bob walk and claudell washington
tug mcgraw and garry maddox
john stearns (at dodger stadium!), ellis valentine, and neil allen
tippy martinez
lance parrish
former teammates ray knight and tom hume
rudy law!
reggie smith in his final tribute year (i snagged two of these - one for myself)
i also picked up a charlie hough for myself (the rangers were a randomed team - no team set for those)
plus the dodgers i was missing after the break - ron cey
bill russell
a battin' burt hooton
and the dusty baker/dale murphy sticker
i picked up two of these, since captain canuck selected the braves.

i forgot to get a davey lopes, though.  maybe david will trade me one of his from the break.  at any rate, stickers will be mailed out on monday after i get them all sorted and packaged this weekend.  assuming tom brookens shows up.

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Captain Canuck said...

sweet. thanks for going the extra mile. those are awesome.