01 May 2013

gather 'round and hear ye the tale of bill singer

thorzul sent me this the other day - a token of fellowship from within the blogging community is always appreciated, even from wisconsin.  i am doubly appreciative, as this is an authentic thorzul will rule blog-featured 1970 topps bill singer story booklet!
now, i will take you to a place thorzul did not - inside the booklet!  now the tale of bill singer can be told!
bill was confused as a boy - wearing his basketball uniform to the beach and trying to pitch with a basketball as well.  still, he shook hands with strange men, celebrated with teammates, and hoped that buzzie bavasi was telling him the truth.
not much to mock when it comes to these minor league exploits, although that umpire hardly seems impartial.
again, this is all true and non-contested.  he had a sub-3.00 era in 1968 when he lost those 17 games.  he had 6 shutouts that year, so he was only 7-17 when he allowed a run.

he was the first dodger to win 20 games since sandy koufax won 27 in 1966, and those 247 strikeouts he tallied in 1969 wound up being his career high.  by the way, i'm pretty sure that singer isn't standing behind fergie jenkins and bob gibson in that last panel.

here's the back of the booklet.
i wonder if there are any tales of cuban oppression in tony oliva's booklet, or perhaps stories of piano playing in al ferrara's.  they might be worth checking out.

thanks thorzul!

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