12 May 2013

bo knows that double play cards are this collector's choice

here's a trade and double play card post for you to read while you're waiting to be seated for brunch with your mom.  happy mother's day.

bo from baseball cards come to life sent me a healthy package of double play cards a while back.  there were quite a few from 1995 upper deck collector's choice.  let's have a look.

pat kelly
kelly's dp card to card ratio may be as high as kurt stillwell's.

royce clayton
and dp combo partner robby thompson
looks like thompson got the worse of the two with david hollins' helmet in his thigh.

jose lind
stands his ground

jeff frye

and noberto martin
is flyin'.

here's luis sojo with a force out toss
but the good stuff is on the back
how he managed to turn two with his back to first base is a mystery to all.

the back is nice on kurt abbott's card, too
thanks to the dodger stadium locale, but the front is what gets it into the double play binder
1995 udcc wasn't the only card release that bo included in his package.  not by a long shot.  here's a 1995 score select carlos baerga card with a nice play at second on the front
and a dp turn on the back
this 1995 score roberto alomar
is a nice 'tattooine' shot - nothing but dirt to be seen

here's a 2000 fleer focus marlon anderson
(he who hit the fourth home run in the dodgers' 4+1 game against the padres in 2006)

and a 2001 fleer focus ray durham card
last, but not least, for this post is a 2001 fleer premium warren morris card
and that's not the half of what bo sent.  thanks bo!

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