26 May 2013

uni-watch looking out

a spike in post specific views is rare around these parts, so to see a few hundred views of a couple of recent posts peaked my interest.  the posts in question had to do with my 'memorials' collection - i'm looking to have a card showing each instance of a team wearing an armband or patch in memory of someone or in remembrance of a tragic event.  just like on this 2000 upper deck cal ripken jr checklist

where the iron man is wearing a '7' patch in honor of his father cal ripken sr.  ripken sr, a heavy smoker, passed away in march of 1999 from lung cancer and the orioles honored their long time minor leaguer (player and manager)/manager/coach/scout who spent 36 years with the organization.

as always, if you have a card that shows this memorial better, i'd like to trade for it.  however, i doubt very much that there is a better one for cal ripken sr than this one of his son wearing the patch.

back to those readership spikes - this post and this one, too, saw about 150 more views than my normal readership on monday.  and, thanks to an email from jeff of 2x3 heroes, i quickly understood what was going on.  my memorials endeavor had earned a mention in the uni-watch ticker on monday.

for those of you who don't at least occasionally read uni-watch, what is possibly going on that is keeping you from doing so?  i used to read it more regularly than i do now, but i still manage to take a peak now and then.  back in 2006, i even contributed an uncredited tip published in the uni-watch ticker thanks to sending in a heads up about kenny lofton's apparent disdain for the 'la' patch on the left sleeve of his jersey.

so that's pretty cool that someone noticed and thought to let paul lukas know about this latest collection focus of mine.  i appreciate the additional traffic he threw my way - maybe a couple of those folks will come back from time to time.


Wilson said...

I figured the Uni Watch crowd would appreciate the list you have, as well as offer you some possible corrections and additions. It's a really interesting project.

madding said...

uni-watch is great!