17 January 2013

this card is in my header

a couple of weeks ago, i started a post with a card that almost made my header.  well, this one is right up there at the top - between cey and russell and next to the bulldog.  it's a 2005 topps all-time fan favorites pedro guerrero card
it's hard for me to believe that i haven't featured this card in a post until today, despite having been posting here for almost four and a half years.  guerrero (along with reggie smith) was sometimes the dodgers' answer to oscar gamble as far as afros go, and this is probably the best example of that.  plus, petey was a heckuva ballplayer in the 1980's.  although i was a slightly bigger steve sax fan, guerrero was very close to being my favorite dodger after steve garvey left town.

that card, and the rest of the cards in this post, came my way from spiegel at nomo's sushi platter.  this is a 1973 topps al downing card featuring a through the mail success autograph.
i suppose it could be an in person success - spiegel didn't say - since he lives in socal and is able to attend dodger games, and downing is sometimes featured out in autograph alley.  someday soon i will show my very first al downing autograph which i obtained in 1981 or so.

another regular at dodger stadium is fernando valenzuela, seen here in dodger stadium on his 1983 fleer card
here's another card with a dodger stadium background - orel hershiser's 1989 score masters card
i'm not usually a fan of painted cards, but this is a pretty cool card, actually.

dave hansen is in vero beach on his 1994 topps stadium club card
but jose offerman is back at shortstop in chavez ravine on his
those are both the golden rainbow parallels.

spiegel also included a couple of jersey pieces - a 2009 upper deck andre ethier card
and a 2010 topps update rafael furcal card
thanks for the trade spiegel!

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Spiegel83 said...

Glad you liked the trade package. The Downing is a TTM auto. Oddly, he lives about 10 minutes from my house. I could have driven over to his place and left an envelope in his mailbox.