28 January 2013

i snoozed, losed, but wound up winning. sort of.

i was recently tipped off via a saved search to a listing on ebay of a 2006 fleer greats of the game steve garvey bat barrel autogreats card, numbered out of 4 copies
i didn't win it.  i added to to my watch list with the intent of submitting a best offer to the seller.  someone beat me to the punch, although their best offer of $225 was higher than mine would have been.  

small consolation, but the seller had some other dodger goodies listed, and i was able to get a few of them for my best offer amounts.

like this 2009 topps triple threads russell martin, manny ramirez, and matt kemp relic card
i like the card, but i do have a tinge of buyer's regret thanks to the well documented questions surrounding 'game used' jerseys, as well as the non-committal statements on the back.  for all we know, that could be a piece of maury wills' wool jersey under kemp's photo.

here's a card i didn't know existed before now - a 2011 topps black diamond wrapper redemption card of clayton kershaw
kershaw wasn't around in 2001 when topps heritage used the 1952 design, but i suppose this is what it might have looked like.

jim wynn wasn't around in los angeles for too long, so i love finding cards that show him during his brief stay.  here's the autographed companion to the 1999 fleer sports illustrated greats of the game card i showed a short while ago
it's nice.  as is this 2004 upper deck etchings dusty baker autographed card
and this steve sax auto from the same set.
i think the dusty baker photo was also used by upper deck in their 2004 legends timeless teams set.  speaking of which, the timeless teams blog gets an update in a couple of hours.  be sure to check it out, but make that best offer you've been putting off first.  just in case someone else is out there ready to beat you to the punch.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

That's the one bummer about the high-end secondary market. It's more about money than anything else. $225?! Man, that's a car payment.

On the other hand, glad to see you still scored some cool cards!

tourist504 said...

If I ever win the lottery I'm buying every blogger I follow a signed bat barrell card.

MrMopar said...

The ironic thing is that when those were new, I probably would have tossed out the $225+ to get it. now, and although it would be a lie to say i have not dropped larger bucks for single new cards in recent years, i just don't have the desire to spend that much.

In the end, very few people are willing to pay that and the cards I have will be lucky to see double digit bids if i ever decide to sell them. the further we get away from the 70s-80s, the fewer Garvey fans will be out there. he'll probably never make the Hall, so fewer new fans "discovering" a long long great in the future.

I have one of the printing plates for that card, but never landed that card itself. It's nice, but not $225 nice anymore to me.

Stealing Home said...

I dig that Sax card.
I understand the buyers remorse about the "Hollywood" card, but nonetheless, it's still a nice one.