05 January 2013

past a double play turning jeter

no, derek 'past a diving' jeter is not the greatest fielding shortstop around. nor was he the best shortstop on the yankees once they acquired alex rodriguez.  still, he is sometimes caught turning a double play on cardboard, and for that, i am thankful.  here are some examples.

1997 fleer ultra
here's his 1997 topps screen plays card
you get the idea, i hope.  the screen plays cards were much better than the sportflics cards, but they scan like crap.  so, for the first time on the blog, here's some video!
here's jeter's 1998 score rookies/traded card with what is obviously a spring training double play
and here is his 1998 topps card
jeter's 1999 pacific
and 1999 skybox premium cards
show the same play against the tigers.  nice glasses, mr. november.

this may look like jeter's 1997 topps card, but it's not
it's a reprint from 2005 topps rookie cup.

here's the last card of the post - a 2008 upper deck national baseball card day issue
it's not the most dynamic dp card, but it qualifies.

believe it or not, i've still got a few more double play cards to display, including some that just arrived by trade.  stay tuned!

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