02 January 2013

some double play miscellany

yes, i'm still at it with the double play cards.  here's a card that i didn't own until a couple of days ago.  it comes courtesy of jeff at 2x3 heroes, and was part of his big giveaway.  it's a 2002 upper deck plus card of jose vidro
and i like it.  thanks jeff.

this is mike bordick on his 1993 upper deck card
this is the bordick card that i suggested depicts the same play as his 1993 donruss 'spirit of the game' card.  fairly positive.

here's another 2000 fleer tradition update card, this time featuring scott sheldon of the texas rangers
his claim to fame is playing all 9 positions in a september, 2000 game.  fleer chose to show him turning two which is nice, but the photo isn't from his historic game.  that game was played at chicago, so he would have been wearing away grays.  plus, he only played second base for two batters before moving to shortstop for a third of an inning, and had no involvement in any plays during that inning.  it's worth noting that his pitching appearance consisted of facing one batter (jeff leifer) whom he struck out.

although these next couple of cards don't show the double play turn at second base, they are still double play cards in my book - 2010 tristar obak tinker-evers-chance
here's the back, with the complete poem by franklin p. adams
the hall of fame double play trio also had a card in the 1993 upper deck all-time heroes set, although that card focused mainly on the middle infielders
they were certainly a well known group of infielders (here's the back)
but i can't help feeling bad for doc casey and harry steinfeldt - two of the third basemen that play alongside these three.  at least ron cey gets his due as part of the famous dodger infield that is the namesake of this blog.

back to some dp turns - here's delino deshields' 1995 score gold rush parallel
and a couple more walt weiss cards - 1994 pinnacle
and 1999 pacific
believe it or not, there are still some weiss dp cards that i do not own.

here's another double play turning brave - marcus giles on a 2006 upper deck card
and placido polanco does the same on his 2006 upper deck card
the double play stack is getting shorter, but there are still some more to be shown...

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