01 January 2013

here comes rickey

yes, we're still turning two here on the blog, and right now damion easley has his hands full, literally, as  an a's player is sliding towards him on this 1999 upper deck card.
the o.co or network associates coliseum or whatever it is these days is an oft featured locale for double play turns for some reason, and we've seen quite a few athletics getting forced out at second base as a result, including rickey henderson.  and it just so happens to be henderson who is breaking up the double play in this case, as we see on damion easley's 'same play' 1999 upper deck choice card (apparently it was no longer collector's choice)
as far as i can tell, rickey is out on a 1st inning 1-4 forceout on may 7, 1998 as ben grieve makes it safely to first thanks to rickey's slide.  grieve would be forced out at second on the next play to end the inning.  thanks baseball reference!

here's bill mueller's card from the same set (hello tom goodwin)
and a denny hocking card from 2001 upper deck victory
let's get in the way back machine for this 1990 score jeff treadway card
not sure why i haven't shown that one before.

staying with the braves, here is their other double play turning jeff - jeff blauser on his 1998 upper deck collector's choice card
and then later as a cub on his 1999 upper deck card
1999 upper deck also gives us dp turns from former dodger wilton guerrero
shane halter
kevin stocker
and that perennial twin killing turning machine, walt weiss
among others.

here's tony womack's 1999 fleer ultra card
and miguel cairo's 1999 pacific crown collection card
and finally, mike benjamin's 2000 topps stadium club card
still more to come...

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