17 September 2012

sometimes it's ok to go hatless

especially if you're rocking the sweet 'fro like reggie smith on his 1981 topps super home team card!
don sutton also gave it a go with the white man's afro on his 1981 topps super home team card
which also features the airbrushed astro collar.

even steve garvey got into the act on his 1981 topps super home team card, although he has the more perfectly coiffed tv game show host hair.
incidentally, that card is identical (on the front, anyway) to garvey's 1981 topps super national card.  the national set featured garvey as the lone dodger, while the home team set had 12 of the boys in blue in it.  guess which one was a regional issue.

there was only a national set in 1980, and garvey had a card in that set, too.  he's wearing a helmet, though.
here's the back of the 1980 topps super
i think there's also a white back version.  here's the back of the 1981 topps super national
finally, here's what the back of the 1981 topps super home team looked like
i love that topps used the team name in the font from the 1978 set.  good times.

here are the rest of the home team dodger cards.  unfortunately, none of the players are hatless.  i'll still comment on the hair, though.

bill russell - wispy hair
ron cey - eyebrowed and mustachioed
davey lopes - furrowed brow and mustachioed
dusty baker - widow's peak peeking through?
burt hooton - nicely feathered
rick monday - a hairy earflap
steve yeager - mussed and mustachioed
bob welch - tousled
jerry reuss - no more mr. dutch boy
steve howe - no doubt parted in the middle (i used to have a haircut just like this)
and finally, davey lopes' card from the 1980 topps super set.
looks like he might have been able to give reggie a run for his money, if only he had gone hatless.

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