04 January 2013

oh my omar!

so, the double play cards are slowing to a trickle.  i hope to have them all posted by sometime next week as there are a few stragglers i need to corral and scan.  i will start mixing in more non-dp posts so if you've been missing the double dippers or the evolution of the 1978 topps dodgers posts, your nightmare is almost over.

before that, however, we have some double play cards of one of the masters to celebrate.  omar vizquel has a lot of double play cards, but actually fewer than i would have thought.  for some reason, he is shown batting quite a bit on his cards.  the following are all from his heyday in cleveland, and they are awesome.

especially this, his 1996 upper deck card
my, that's purty.

here's his 1995 leaf card
1997 pinnacle
1997 topps stadium club
1998 leaf (hello big daddy)
1999 fleer sports illustrated
1999 fleer ultra (derek bell initiated 'operation break up double play', apparently)
2000 skybox metal
2002 fleer ultra
2003 donruss
2004 fleer ultra
and another nice one, 2005 fleer ultra
he was definitely one of the greats.

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