17 January 2013

a card full of dodgers

take a look at this 1994 topps card.  how many dodgers do you see?
there really is no wrong answer with any number of 1 through 4.  if you see just one, i am guessing that it is eddie davis.  davis was the dodgers' 23rd round pick in 1993, but never climbed higher than aa during his five seasons in the organization.

if you see two, perhaps you are referring to the two that actually played in the major leagues as a dodger - shawn green and mark sweeney.  green was with the dodgers from 2000 through 2004, and sweeney finished his career with one-plus seasons as a dodger in 2007 and 2008.

if you see three, i will guess that you are counting green, sweeney, and davis, but if that is the case, you might actually see four, since, like davis, curtis pride once played in the dodgers' minor league system. and like davis, he did not appear in a big league game as a dodger.  he finished the 2000 season in albuquerque after being released by boston and was hit .293 for the dodgers' aaa club.  unfortunately, pride was granted free agency after the season ended, and he wound up going back to the expos.

here are some dodgers that are easier to spot.  how about a 1995 topps finest roberto kelly card?
i don't have many 1995 topps finest cards, and there aren't many cards of kelly as a dodger, so this was a double whammy for my collection.

here's a 1965 topps 2003 upper deck vintage kevin brown card
i still have a few needs to complete my set.  just down to sp's now.

here's another topps design knockoff by upper deck, courtesy of a 2008 upper deck brad penny o-pee-chee insert
penny's best season came as a dodger in 2007 when he was 16-4 with a 3.03 era.  he returned to the major leagues after a short stint in japan last year, and wound up winning a ring with the giants, although he did not pitch in the postseason.

all of these cards are once again part of the trade that spiegel sent my way.  i didn't have room for them in the previous post, but they all deserve their time to shine, too.  i'll end this quick trade post addendum with a 1989 donruss marvin freeman card
because while he was never a dodger or a dodger minor leaguer, he's standing in dodger stadium which was usually a good thing for the local nine.  freeman's career era at dodger stadium was 8.27 - the highest for any ballpark in which he threw more than 2 innings.

thanks again for the trade, spiegel!

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I made two posts in one day at GCRL. Great day in Platter history. Thanks.