02 January 2013

almost a turnabout turn

as you can tell, i enjoy finding cards that show the same play, or continuation of plays, or complement each other in some fashion like that.  i thought that i might have found another matching pair of cards when i first saw these two from 2008 upper deck - yuniesky betancourt
and wilson betemit
both feature double play action from yankee stadium, with slightly different camera angles, as the canon sign attests.  i was hoping for a mariner/yankee double play and a yankee/mariner double play, but alas, betemit appears to be doubling up a tiger.  oh well, the two cards still look nice together.

here's another double play turn from yankee stadium - it's ray durham and his 1997 pinnacle card
i don't think that's jeter sliding in - the '2' looks like part of a two digit number.  tino martinez maybe?

here's a card from 2008 upper deck documentary featuring brandon phillips and darin erstad
as is the case with this set, it features a photo from an entirely different game and series than the one described on the card.  also, there should be about 20 other cards in the set with this same photo.  i guess i need all of those, too.

from 2009 topps chrome, we get this alexei ramirez card
with jd drew actually trying to break up the double play.

this next one is one of my favorites.  it's brett butler's 1990 upper deck card
with roberto alomar laying on the ground and both players looking for the call at first base.  there's a good chance that this play comes from the april 5, 1989 game at jack murphy stadium.  in the third inning, butler drew a lead-off walk and robby thompson hit a ground ball to short.  the padres got the force out at second base, but thompson was safe at first.  well done, brett butler.

moving on, we have a 2004 fleer ultra barry larkin
and some cards from 2009 topps update - alex gonzalez
and cesar izturis
from 2009 upper deck, we get another yuniesky betancourt dp card
along with a howie kendrick card
and a jimmy rollins award winner subset card
i'll finish up with a couple of cards from 2010 topps chrome - including another card of rollins
and one of yunel escobar
don't worry - not too many more double play posts ahead.


The Junior Junkie said...

That Barry Larkin Ultra and Upper Deck Brett Butler with Alomar on it - those are what the turn cards are all about to me.....

Bo said...

It might be Jeter in this game - http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/NYA/NYA199605040.shtml

Plenty of good seats to be had...