23 January 2013

i believe this is what is being referred to as a pwe bomb

it exploded into my mailbox late last week.  let's see what jaybarkerfan's junk sent my way.  here's a 1996 upper deck 'diamond destiny' card of mike piazza
that's a strange looking card.  i'm not sure why there is a second version of the full body photo when it is hidden behind the text and the clear inset photo.  still, it was the mid-90's.  i guess that explains it.  same for this 1996 pinnacle 'starburst' card of piazza
things calmed down by 2006 when fleer put this insert into their ultra release
celebrating piazza's nice showing in the 1996 all-star game for which he received a trophy.  which got me thinking - do all-star game mvp's still get a car?  or just a trophy?  and when was it that the car started to go to a charity of their choice instead of to the player?

the pwe wasn't all cards of the (former) strongest man in so-cal - no sir.  it also included a strange adrian beltre insert from 2001 fleer game time
apparently, beltre has that 'sticktoitiveness' that so many ballplayers don't have these days.  actually, maybe it refers to beltre's ability to come back from a botched appendix operation that hindered his performance in 2001.

next up is a 1994 score gold rush card of photojournalist mitch webster
i wonder if webster is scanning the dodger stadium crowd looking for alyssa milano.  or maybe larry king.  who knows.

the last card in the pwe was this 1996 fleer karim garcia card
garcia double dipped with three teams during his career (the yankees, indians, and orioles) and played for seven different franchises.  his games played total as a dodger is the lowest among all the teams he played for, yet i believe that he has more cards featuring him as a dodger than he does for all the other teams combined.  that's mid-90's prospect power for you!

i believe that all of these cards were new to my collection.  it just goes to show you that one man's junk is another man's treasure.

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