26 January 2013

2x3 double plays. literally.

that's right - i received 6 double play cards from jeff at 2x3 heroes the other day, five of which i did not previously own.  like this 1991 score terry shumpert card
relax fanboys, that's not derek jeter being forced out - wayne tolleson was number 2 in 1990.  besides, there were still a few years to go before jeter came along later in the decade.

here's a leapin' joey cora on his 1991 upper deck card
1991 upper deck also had this luis polonia card
which i will assume to be showing the aftermath of a double play turn given the body language of the infielder more than anything else.  still, the best part about double play turns are when the second baseman or shortstop are caught in the act of turning two, like shawon dunston on the back of his 1991 upper deck card
and johnny ray on the back of his 1991 upper deck card
very nice.  the card that is not shown here is the 1994 upper deck luis alicea card which i think i have shown a couple of times before.  i asked for another copy for the dodger stadium binder.

thanks jeff!  i've got some dp's and some throwbacks coming your way soon!

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