22 January 2013

gimme six

i am feeling a bit random right now, so no better time than this to showcase some random cards.  six of them, to be exact.  why six?  because that's how many fingers antonio alfonseca has showing on his 2001 topps card.
i count this card among my favorite non-dodger cards, simply for the oddity factor.  alfonseca's nickname was 'el pulpo' which translates to 'the octopus'. probably because there isn't really a well known six-fingered/toed animal out there.  if i were friends with alfonseca, i would have called him 'lezcano' in reference to former big leaguer sixto lezcano.  but that's just me.

another of my favorite non-dodger cards is this 1994 upper deck ken griffey jr card.
it comes from what is probably my favorite upper deck set ever, and is a classic junior type of image.  i was recently inspired to scan it after seeing it on one of the newer blogs 'the junior junkie'.  i had a junior pc going from 1989 until 2002 or so, and i'm looking forward to seeing many of those cards on his site in the future.  there were some nice ones, that's for sure.

anyway, while looking at the griffey card, i was reminded of another card with a similar, although less glamorous, action shot.  that would be steve finley's 2005 upper deck espn web gems insert.
the obvious reason why this card is in my collection, even though the card has an angels affiliation, is that finley made this catch (and won the 2004 gold glove) while wearing a dodger uniform.

it's somewhat similar to this card - a 2007 upper deck masterpieces eric gagne relic card
in that it is visually all dodgers, but gagne is listed as a member of the red sox. 

even more visually all dodgers is this 2000 upper deck victory card of eric young
it comes complete with the horrific alternate jersey/hat combo that will forever mark the davey johnson era for me.  it also features dodger stadium in the background, but i would not have minded if upper deck had photoshopped young into cubs apparel on that card.

just like topps airbrushed ralph houk into tigers gear on his 1974 topps card.
well, they tried the hat, anyway.  still sporting yankee pinstripes, houk was also left without any coaches, which is a pity as i would have liked to have seen dick tracewski on another card.

and there you have it - six random cards somehow tied together thanks to my random musings.


tourist504 said...

You will see many more Griffeys from that era, I assure you!

That Alfonseca may be the best one I've seen that showcases his unique advantage. Inigo Montoya would hate this guy....

Jeff W said...

Holy crap - I forgot about those Dodger alts. Any nightmare I have this evening I am blaming you.